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Premier Cigars Shop in Barbados

The staff has over 19 years of experience within the cigar industry, allowing our premier cigars shop in Barbados to provide customers with cultural and industry-specific expertise. This professionalism has allowed us to grow into the successful business we are today, as the largest supplier of cigars across Barbados and beyond.

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Cuban Cigars

For those searching for a high-end cigar shop in Barbados, there’s no need to look further. Aromatic, delicious and exquisitely designed Cuban cigars are one of our specialities at Platinum Coast Cigars, transporting you instantly to tropical climes with rich New World tastes that go far beyond what you can buy from the average store. For high-end Cuban cigars, we’re a shop like no other.

Dominican Republic Cigars

Patrons with a distinguished palette and fondness for flavoursome, rich smoke will enjoy our range of exceptional quality Dominican Republic cigars. Created locally for global enjoyment, each cigar is built to the highest possible standard. Discover the rich flavour of the island that makes buying Dominican Republic cigars as a gift one of the highest honours you can bestow. Visist our premier cigars shop in Barbados today!

Nicaraguan Cigars

We sell Nicaraguan cigars as part of our New World collection at our Barbados cigars shop, providing a smooth and almost effortless smoke that’s sure to become a favourite. Our extensive collection of sizes, shapes and selections offer intense undertones to suit just about any cigar connoisseur, from the occasional partaker to the collector. For luxury in the palm of your hand, our Nicaraguan cigars will do the trick.

Barbados Cigars

Bring this spirit of Barbados with you thanks to our stunning range of Barbados cigars. If you’re looking to buy cigars online or in our cigars shop in Barbados without any reduction in quality – or loss of luxury – then purchasing from this exceptional collection is your ideal choice. Sun-soaked, deeply toned and filled with warmth, there’s a reason our patrons return to Barbados time and time again.

Honduras Cigars

The elegance and beauty of Honduras is personified in our selection, allowing you to buy Honduras cigars online with the same exquisite quality you’d expect from a cigars shop in Barbados. Discover luxury New World cigars far beyond what typical cigar stores can provide. For an experience like no other, Honduras is the perfect place to start.

Visit the Platinum Coast Cigars Bar

With an on-site cigar lounge, elegant outdoor terrace and incredible variety of cigars on offer, we’re the high-end brand you’ve been looking for in Barbados. Located in stunning St James, Barbados, we sell cigars across the world to dedicated patrons, curious customers and cigar connoisseurs around the world. If luxury is key to your cigar experience, visit our little slice of luxury – or take it home with you by purchasing our exceptional cigars online today.

Cigar Accessories

Cigar Cutters

The cigar cutter is the ultimate accessory that transforms a casual smoker into a dedicated expert.

CIgar Lighters

We sell premium cigar lighters in a wide range of different styles, finishes and effects.

Cigar Cases

High-end, luxury cigars deserve the best storage money can buy – and that’s precisely what we offer.

The Cubita Experience
At Platinum Coast Cigars, we know there’s more to coffee than simply waking you up in the morning. That’s why we sell Cuban coffee online and at our Barbados cigars shop, to enrich the world with a taste that’s far more than just a caffeine infusion. Cubita Coffee transports you to the lush and cultural centre of Cuba, thanks to its intensely rich flavour and exceptional taste. Hand-picked, and filled with sun-drenched tones, there’s nothing quite like this incredible coffee. If you’re looking for an experience, then Cubita is exactly what you want.

How to Purchase

No appointment is necessary to visit our premises, so simply show up, and we will be happy to show you the world of exceptional quality cigars that we stock on-site. For online shoppers, we aim to provide exquisite quality in all we do – ensuring every cigar goes through a thorough quality process before being handed directly to you. Customer service is number one at Platinum Coast Cigars – and that’s something you can rely on.

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