The Perfect Accessory for the Perfect Cigar

Luxurious, on-brand and as exquisite as our cigar selection, we stock a wide range of different cigar accessories to accompany that rich Cuban or sun-soaked Barbados cigar perfectly. From stylish cutters to appealing lighters to luxury cases, we stock all the additional products you need to heighten the cigar experience and enhance your smoke from beginning to end. What more could you expect from Barbados’s premier cigar supplier than the ultimate accessory?
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Functional and Elegant Cigar Cutters
The cigar cutter is the ultimate accessory that transforms a casual smoker into a dedicated expert. Entirely complementary to our range of high-end cigars, our selection of cigar cutters are designed just as much for form as they are function. Ergonomic, effortless to use and painstakingly sharpened for that perfect edge, our XIKAR range of cutters are chosen for their expert craftsmanship and quality of design. We only sell cigars cutter that we would use ourselves – and XIGAR offers precisely that.

If you’re looking to buy a cigars cutter, but you don’t know where to start, our selection of disposable cutters offers the ideal solution. For occasional smokers or those first getting into the world of luxury cigars, our disposable option provides the perfect middle ground, with the same exceptionally high quality you’d expect from Platinum Coast Cigars. Whether your preference is an investment in high-end accessories or more temporary solutions, we provide live demonstration and recommendation at our Barbados-based lounge to discover the option that works best for you.

Elegant, robust and all-too-often forgotten, cutters can make a more significant impact then you might think. For ease of use and practicality, we have it all. From classic shapes to modern finishes, we cater to every style with our vast knowledge and years of experience guiding our way.

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Purchase Cigar Accessories from Platinum Coast Cigars

As an exclusive in-store product, our accessories range is well worth travelling for. But for those further afield, contacting us directly via phone or email is the ideal way to source the perfect accessories for you. For cigar connoisseurs planning a trip to Barbados, visiting our luxury lounge and cigar bar in Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown St James, Barbados is the perfect way to experience local culture – as well as access some of the island’s best cigar accessories. Either way, we hope to hear from you soon.

Exquisitely Detailed Cigar Cases
High-end, luxury cigars deserve the best storage money can buy – and that’s precisely what we offer with a selection of beautifully detailed, exceptionally practical and attractively styled cigar cases. If you’re hoping to protect your valued cigars by buying cigar cases that are the perfect fit, there’s no doubt that we have the ideal fit in stock for you. The perfect addition to your next purchase, our cigar cases are hand-picked to perfectly fit our selection of new world cigars down to the ground. Protection doesn’t have to look bad.
We sell cigars cases in a range of shapes, styles and sizes from our exclusive Barbados-based lounge, offering that extra special touch to your next visit. Elegant, on-trend and always designed to be as functional as they are sophisticated, our cases ensure your newly purchased cigars are kept safe and sound. We even over single-cigar cases, ideal for that particular purchase you’re saving for a certain occasion or date. Preserving texture, taste and feel, cigar cases are the ultimate accessory to consider.

Our team of cigar experts are more than capable of pointing you in the right direction, to help you find that one case that’s the perfect fit. Simply visit our lounge for the ultimate experience, and walk away with the ideal case to store your valuable and exceptional cigars in.

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Cigar Lighters Designed for the Modern Connoisseur

A cigar smoker is nothing without his choice of lighter, which is why we sell cigars lighter in a range of different styles, finishes and effects. We don’t deal in cheap lighters or less-effective solutions – every lighter in our comprehensive range is hand-tested, picked and recommended based on our knowledge and experience, elevating your cigar and enhancing your experience overall. If you’re considering buy cigars lighter, Platinum Coast Cigars is your go-to location for expert suggestions suitable for your tastes and budget.

The experience of using a dedicated cigar lighter is far above and beyond what a typical cigarette lighter can offer. With a broader flame, more functional design and higher efficiency, opting for a specific cigar lighter can make a world of difference. We stock high-end double torch lighters from brands such as Xikar, which are as robust and practical as they are visually appealing – as well as feeling great in your hand.

To find the perfect lighter, turning to the experts is the place to start. At Platinum Coast Cigars, we’re experts in the cigar experience – and accessories are a universal part of that process. Visit our high-end lounge for one-to-one recommendations on the ideal cigar lighter for you. If you are looking for a cigars shop in Barbados that sells the largest variety of CubanBarbadosNicaraguanDominican Republic and Honduras cigars than Platinum Coast Cigars is your first stop. 

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