A Sense of Home with Barbados

Barbados, the place that we call home. If there weren’t a special connection between this beautiful island and our exquisite selection of Barbados-made cigars, we’d be lying. With unplumbed depths of flavour, an intense sense of home and a firmly established culture for exceptional cigars, our range of Barbados cigars are amongst the best and most extensive on the planet. There’s no place like home, and Barbados calls us back time and time again to partake in the best cigars money can buy.
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Royal Barbados

The paradise island of Barbados is home to the Platinum Coast Cigars, cigars shop in Barbados that sells some of the best cigars known the world over. Tucked away neatly in Limegrove, Platinum Coast Cigars sells two top-of-the-line cigar series – Royal Barbados and Sam Lord. The Royal Barbados collection is craved by avid smokers across the globe and is highly appraised by critics. Fully handmade at the factory in Barbados itself, each and every Royal Barbados stick is produced with an expertise and finesse that only comes with years of dedication and passion. An expert team of craftsmen and women on site execute this dexterous and beautiful method as an assurance of exceptional quality, taste and texture in every cigar.

If you are looking for a cigars shop in Barbados that sells the largest variety of Cuban, Barbados, Nicaraguan, Dominican Republic and Honduras cigars than Platinum Coast Cigars is your first stop. 

Using only the finest of raw materials, each stick is carefully pieced together with an Ecuador Cuban seed wrapper, Cuban long filler tobacco and a Cameroon binder. Royal Barbados cigars are renowned for their mild yet sweet flavours and billowing, potent smoke, born from a combination of the complex and delicate manufacturing process and prime choice of ingredients.

Whilst best enjoyed in the Caribbean itself at our cigar bar and terrace, a Royal Barbados cigar is so exquisite it can be recommended at any time of day, anywhere in the world.

Coffee and Accessories

Luxurious, on-brand and as exquisite as our cigar selection, we stock a wide range of different cigar accessories and Cubita Cuban coffee to make your experience special.

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