The Depth and Dimension of Honduras

A culture filled with depth and dimension, Honduras’s rich history and incredible sense of industry has led to the creation of genuinely wonderful cigars unlike anything else in the world. For smoke that’s flavoursome, intense and complex, our selection of Honduras cigars for sale offers the opportunity to step into a unique world. Discover a sense of richness that can’t be matched anywhere else for a powerful experience that you’ll never forget.
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Rocky Patel

If you are looking to buy Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, yiu should know that are well known for their superior quality and outstanding smoking experience. Rocky Patel has developed a cigar brand through tenacity and hard work, which appeals to both the premium cigar aficionado and novices alike. First established as Indian Tabac Co., the company made a name for itself as an up and coming cigar brand with a more innovative outlook on the modern-day cigar industry.

At the 1996 Retail Tobacco Dealers of America Trade Show in Ohio, Rocky Patel showcased his new ideas to the world and was met with great acclaim. The brightly packaged cigars were an instant hit with attendees and began being sold on the American market. In 2003, the Indian Tabac Co decided to change marketing direction and changed their name to reflect their new branding better.

The founder and owner of Rocky Patel Cigars had once worked in Los Angeles as a lawyer but was introduced to the intoxicating world of cigars through a friend and never looked back! He decided that smoking cigars would never be enough and that instead he needed to create his own luxury brand of cigar, with tobacco sourced and blended from a variety of world regions. Rocky Patel enjoys selling Rock Patel cigars all over the world, which is why he spends so much time on the road introducing new businesses to the wonders of the Rocky Patel Cigar brand.

In fact, Rocky reportedly spends 300 days out of the year travelling for work and to make sure that Rocky Patel cigars are available in every cigar shop and tobacconist across the world!

Rocky Patel cigars are rolled in Honduras and Nicaragua and tobacco used in each cigar is blended carefully to enhance the smoking experience. You can buy Rocky Patel cigars online or in stores across the globe, with many different vitolas, strengths and flavours to suit every type of cigar smoker. Rocky Patel has launched many top-selling cigars including Decade and The Edge, in fact, one of Rocky Patel’s cigars receive 95/100 points from the Cigar Aficionado magazine and came in as the #2 Cigar of the entire of 2016.

The Rocky Patel Decade Robusto is famed for its quality and flavourful character, which was developed by the perfectionist Rocky Patel over 10 years of intensive research and testing.

We sell Rocky Patel cigars in our cigar bar and shop in Barbados where you can enjoy smoking your newly acquired cigars on our bespoke smoking deck. We are always happy to help clients choose the perfect cigar for their mood and palate or recommend a cigar if you are looking to buy Rocky Patel cigars as gifts.

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My Father

My Father Cigars is a cigar brand focused on quality, reliability and family. By its own admission, My Father Cigars does not waste time on flash or glossy marketing campaigns. Instead, they aim to sell My Father Cigars to the cigar smoker who appreciates substance over style.

My Father Cigars was officially established in 2008 by the Garcias, and in 2009 they opened a factory complex in Nicaragua with over 1900 employees. The time, energy and dedication which the Garcia family pore into eery detail cigar making is second-to-none in the industry and has resulted in the creation of 12 industry staples.

My Father Cigars has been the proud recipient of the Cigar Aficionado Magazine’s Best Cigar of the Year Award in 2012 (for its Flor de Las Antillas) and has also been rated among the top 25 of cigar brands for two years running.

My Father Cigars only formally launched in 2008, but the Garcia family have a long relationship with cigar making, dating back to 1950 when Jose Pepin Garcia was born in Cuba. Growing up surrounded by tobacco fields and cigar makers, Garcia developed a love for all things cigar-related. In 2003 the Garcia family began making cigars in a small factory in Little Havana where they could only have dreamed of the heights their tiny cigar company would be reaching only a few years later!

Now with a large factory in Nicaragua and a state-of-the-art headquarters in Miami, premium retailers all over the world have been selling My Fathers cigars to those who enjoy strong flavours and consistent quality. Don Pepin Garcia was even honoured as Americas’ Hottest Cigar Maker in 2008 by the prestigious Cigar Aficionado magazine.

However, rather than being resting on their laurels, the Garcia family have instead worked even harder to keep producing some of the most outstanding cigars for the market.

One of the most beloved My Father cigars products on the market is The Bijou 1922, which was ranked No.1 in the top 25 Cigars of 2015 by The Cigar Aficionado. It also features a full-bodied blend of tobaccos designed to produce the kind of aroma reminiscent of rustic elegance.

With a medium-sized range consisting of a variety of strengths, flavours and sizes – you can be sure to find something suitable for a friend if you are buying My Father cigars as a gift. If you are looking to buy My Father cigars online, you will be spoilt for choice and may find it hard to choose between the incredible options available. If you are having trouble deciding between My Father Cigars, then pop into our cigar bar and shop in Barbados for advice and recommendations from our expert cigar curators.


CAO Cigars are one of the most unusual and innovative cigar brands available on the market today. We sell Cao Cigars alongside a wide selection of other premium cigar brands in our exclusive cigar bar and shop in Barbados. According to CAO’s owners, the brand was first established in 1968 and currently creates premium cigars from their factory in Nicaragua. Whilst they have many classic cigars in the CAO range, their focus is always on creating new, exciting cigars from unique and interesting ingredients. CAO is at the forefront of modernising the cigar industry with its innovative methods and desire to travel the globe in search of the best and most rare tobacco available.

People buying CAO cigars as a gift really cannot go wrong with one of CAO fun, modern and interesting cigars such as the muscle car inspired ‘Flathead’ or one of the Amazon series. One of CAO’s most popular classics includes the Pion which is named after a traditional Cuban fermentation process of tobacco. The rich, deep colours of the tobacco can only be produced through this method which allows for a superior taste and strength to be delivered. The owners of CAO work with their employees and customers (or fans) to come up with ideas for new and interesting cigars. The family approach to business is also seen on the factory floor, where new positions are first opened up to the family members of those who already work in the Nicaraguan factory.

Newcomers to the factory gradually learn the secrets of successful cigar manufacturing, until they can teach others how it is done!

One of CAO’S most successful cigars has been the ‘Flathead’ which debuts (as the name would suggest) a flat head! Most box-pressed cigars come with round heads, as this is easier for the rollers to achieve and costs less money because it takes less time.

However, CAO was not satisfied with round heads for their new range of Flathead cigars, so worked with their Master Cigar Rollers to come up with a completely new method of rolling to ensure that the head on their new cigars could be genuinely flat.

The Flathead would make a perfect choice for the cigar and motor loving person in your life. So, whether you are looking to buy CAO cigars online for themselves or buying CAO cigars as a gift, you can be assured of their brilliant intensity and pleasurable smoking experience.

CAO enjoy selling CAO cigars which are unusual and surprising which is why you can find many unique cigar flavours within their range, such as Eileen’s Dream containing notes of Irish Whiskey, and Moontrance which will have you transfixed with its notes of Georgia peaches.

Don Tomas

Don Tomas Cigars offer customers a reliable smoke at a competitive price. Known for their modest prices (compared to most premium brands) and fine Honduran blends the Don Tomas brand is a go-to cigar company for those who know what they are doing! We sell Don Tomas cigars in our premium cigar bar and shop in Barbados, where we also have a smoking deck where you enjoy smoking any newly purchased acquisitions.

Don Tomas cigars combine quality Honduran tobacco with other blends such as Dominican, Mexican, Columbian and Cuban to create fine combinations of flavours and strengths. Most Don Tomas cigars have a mild to medium smoke with aromas of spice, cinnamon and coffee.

Crafted by hand in the old Honduran tradition, Don Tomas cigars are made at the Centro American Cigars factory near Danli in Honduras. Many of Don Tomas’ cigars have been rated highly by the Cigar Aficionado magazine, including the famous Don Tomas Presidente cigar which was rated 90 out of 100 – making it one of the most highly-rated cigars in the world.

Selling Don Tomas cigars is a joy due to the reliable quality and consistently good smoking experience all Don Tomas cigars provide.

Rich and flavourful they are also truly captivating in their flavour and aromas profiles. You can’t go wrong when buying Don Tomas cigars online or when buying Don Tomas cigars as a gift for a cigar-smoking friend!

Don Tomas’ Clasico range of cigars is some of the best-selling cigars in the entire Don Tomas repertoire, as they reimagine old-world cigar flavours whilst continuing the handmade and hand selection methods of production. Smokers return time and time again to the simple and elegant consistency of these cigars, which deliver taste, quality and pleasant creamy smoke. Any Don Tomas cigar would make a brilliant addition to your humidor, but we recommend the Don Tomas Robusto and the Done Tomas Presidente cigars as two of the best.

The three main lines from Don Tomas are the Don Tomas Clasico, Don Tomas Maduro and the Don Tomas W & D. Each of which demonstrates the fine craftsmanship and construction quality of the cigars as well as exhibiting differing aromas and flavours. All Don Tomas cigars show excellent construction, an even burn and an excellent draw. Don Tomas cigars are also known for their mild to medium body and smooth notes of cedarwood and pepper, making them easily accessible to all cigar smokers.

Hoyo de Monterrey

A globally-renowned brand known for the creation of exceptional Cuban cigars, Hoyo de Monterrey, is a company that takes luxury seriously. With every cigar type and blend created by hand, resulting in incredibly flavourful Habanos, there’s nothing quite like a Hoyo de Monterrey cigar. Named after a specific plantation alongside the San Juan y Martinez River, right in the heart of Cuba’s most fertile tobacco zone, Hoyo de Monterrey creates an experience for smokers that just can’t be matched by a less dedicated or historical brand.

Founded by Spanish-born Don Jose Gener in 1860, Hoyo de Monterrey cigars maintain the same old-world taste and unique flavour profiles since they were first rolled. For cigar connoisseurs that appreciate the history and rich depth of a new world cigar that’s been perfected over decades of hard work, this brand is the ultimate solution. Rich, flavoursome, exceptionally packaged and carefully curated, smoking a Hoyo de Monterrey cigar is an entirely new experience – and not one you’ll want to miss.

Available as singles, as well as packs of three, twenty, twenty-five or even fifty, Hoyo de Monterrey has a solution for anything from the avid cigar collector to the infrequent cigar smoker. If you choose to buy Hoyo de Monterrey cigars online, there’s a size and style to suit just about any buyer, ensuring an entirely personalised experience tailor-made for you.

We sell Hoyo de Monterrey cigars online in a wide range of different varieties, styles and rarities, from affordable Epicure No. 1 cigars to high-value reserved options to suit your tastes and style.

As the home of tobacco, Cuba does cigars like nowhere else in the world. Since its discovery in the 1400s, Cuban Black Tobacco has been considered the gold dust of the industry, providing cigars that go far beyond what other plantations can offer around the globe. Taste, quality and centuries-old knowledge are what sets these exceptional cigars for sale online apart from just about anything else. Habanos are the most outstanding form of the Cuban cigar, crafted entirely by hand to produce an imperfectly perfect cigar with a seal of approval from Cuba itself.

For those looking to smoke cigar that evokes the Cuban experience and atmosphere, Hoyo de Monterrey is an excellent brand to start with. Home-grown, sun-soaked and built from scratch in beautiful Havana, Cuba, there’s little our customers don’t love about these iconic cigars. As a popular choice at our cigar shop and bar in Barbados, Hoyo de Monterrey continues to top lists for cigars that are full of subtle flavour, delicate tastes and sophisticated feel. From beginners to lifelong cigar fans, this brand has a little something for everyone – and is an experience well worth investing in. If you’d like the purchase Hoyo de Monterrey cigars as a gift, or pick up a little something for yourself, Platinum Coast Cigars can provide.

Coffee and Accessories

Luxurious, on-brand and as exquisite as our cigar selection, we stock a wide range of different cigar accessories and Cubita Cuban coffee to make your experience special.

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