The Passion of Nicaragua

Feisty, passionate and filled with pride, Nicaraguan history is reflected in the abundant strength and exquisite design of Nicaraguan cigars. Join with the culture, feel and life of an island far from home with intensely flavoured cigars that enhance your connection with every drag. For cigars that are genuinely developed to honour the history of Nicaragua, there’s no better place to start. With a variety of different feels, flavours and styles, discovering the mysteries of this proud island is just one purchase away.
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Brick House

The J.C. Newman Cigar Company is one of the oldest and greatest in history. Still operating as a family-owned business in Tampa, Florida, they occupy a beautiful and vintage 109-year-old cigar factory in the Ybor City National Historic Landmark District. Filled with history and antique cigar machines, the Floridian factory, known as “El Reloj,” manufactures and distributes high quality, unique cigars, but it is the PENSA factory in Nicaragua that the Brick House sticks are hand-rolled.

J.C. Newman was founded by its namesake Julius Caeser Newman in Cleveland, Ohio in 1895, and the Brick House brand was subsequently launched in 1937. Answering to the struggle of tough financial times, J.C. Newman created Brick House as an affordable yet distinctive cigar brand.

Named after the only brick house in the Hungarian neighbourhood in which he lived as a child, Brick House represents the legacy of this building that was frequented by not only locals but travellers too, for socializing, drinking and most importantly, cigar smoking.

After a long retirement from the brand, Brick House was fortunately resurrected in 2009 and became a fast favourite across the industry and with cigar smokers across the globe. It continues to be an excellent manufacturer of characterful, quality cigars, placing highly in the accolade of Top 25 Cigars of 2010 by Cigar Aficionado.

The Maduro series was added to the Brick House portfolio following numerous requests from avid fans of the already diverse range, and the expertly sourced Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper became an aesthetic and flavour staple for the brand. Selected from the higher primings, the wrapper leaves create a dark and robust Maduro that is a beautiful, unique speciality that will be enjoyed by those new to cigars, or more seasoned veterans.

The J.C. Newman cigar house remains a staple in the industry and the incredible Brick House range undeniably secures their place as one of the masters of modern artisan cigars.


J.C. Newman is the oldest, and one of the greatest, family-owned cigar houses in America. The Quorum brand is another exceptional feature from their diverse collection and specifically boasts more deep and coveted maduro sticks to rival those of the Brick House vintage.

Manufactured at the Torano family’s factory, the second-largest cigar factory in Nicaragua, Quorum cigars are lovingly produced and crafted to the high standards expected of a J.C. Newman vintage that has been alive for over 124 years.

All handmade and carefully produced using antique cigar machines, it is unsurprising that Quorum cigars consistently rate as the no.1 best selling imported handmade bundle cigar globally. Artisan and beautiful, the Quorum collection remains intricate and lavish, yet affordable for an everyday smoke.

Time and dedication have gone into the crafting of each Quorum cigar, with only the finest of ingredients and raw materials used. Hand-rolled with an aged Nicaraguan filler, a Nicaraguan binder and a specially sourced Ecuadorian maduro wrapper, every Quorum maduro is medium-bodied, fresh and smooth. Ideal for an everyday smoke for any cigar enthusiast, or an exceptional treat at our bar terrace in Barbados, expect both sweet and savoury flavours and both bold and subtle textures.

Unique on the palate and expertly crafted, a Quorum cigar is always a satisfying smoke and a reminder of J.C. Newman’s impressive finesse and ability. Furthermore, J.C. Newman has long been partnered with the Arturo Fuente family to develop the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation that delivers clean water, healthcare, education and job training to low-income families of the Dominican Republic. When purchasing any J.C. Newman cigar, you can be certain it is made from the heart.

Don Jose

Don Jose cigars are created with passion and heritage in mind. Uniquely developed, handmade and hand rolled in the volcanic rich soils of Honduras, every Don Jose cigar is a feature piece without the extortionate price tag. Hailed as the economic choice for a daily smoke, Don Jose cigars are packed full of flavour and authentic techniques that deliver an affordable experience with an expensive feel.

Enjoying Nicaraguan binders and Nicaraguan long fillers, the Don Jose maduro sticks are also wrapped in an elegant Nicaraguan wrapper.

Designed for premium value yet still with a premium smoke, Don Jose’s rich maduro cigars also comprise of 100% Cuban seed Dominican tobacco. Every cigar is crafted with fine techniques used in times of the conquistadors and have been perfected and honed over decades to produce a collection of exceptional cigars.

There is a vintage and history that emanates through every draw of a Don Jose stick. If you’re in the market for a unique smoke, Don Jose is the cigar to trust. So, If you are looking for a cigars shop in Barbados that sells the largest variety of CubanBarbadosNicaraguanDominican Republic and Honduras cigars than Platinum Coast Cigars is your first stop. 

Coffee and Accessories

Luxurious, on-brand and as exquisite as our cigar selection, we stock a wide range of different cigar accessories and Cubita Cuban coffee to make your experience special.

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