It is impossible to resist the lure of Holetown in Barbados, with its high-end stores and atmospheric lounges. From beautiful beaches to historic buildings, this Caribbean town provides a warm welcome with so much to see and do.

Holetown was the first town in Barbados, and as such it has a rich and varied history. Today that history blends with modern life for fine dining, entertainment and shopping.

If you visit Holetown, you can enjoy a variety of attractions like the Portvale Sugar Museum. In February, this town also hosts the famous Holetown Festival. There’s so much to see and do, but the following five are amongst the best sights to see:

Snorkel at Folkestown Marine Park

With its colourful reefs filled with fish, Folkestown Marine Park is a top spot for snorkeling. The water can sometimes be a bit rough, but is usually calm enough even for beginners to enjoy. This small beach has lifeguard supervision and refreshment stalls for rum punch on the beach.

Despite being one of Holetown’s most beautiful attractions, the Marine Park can be incredibly quiet and peaceful. At certain times, it can feel like you have your own private beach. You can hire sun loungers and umbrellas if you’re planning to spend hours on the shore.

Visit Platinum Coast Cigars

Enjoy the spectacular atmosphere of this cigar bar in Holetown. This is the best place to buy cigars in Barbados, as a high-end cigar shop in Holetown itself with an extensive stock of aromatic products. Enjoy the finest Cuban cigars, flavoursome Dominican Republic cigars, premium Honduras and smooth Nicaraguan cigars, as well as a wonderful selection from sun-soaked Barbados itself.

As well as purchasing cigars to enjoy in a space of your own, you are always welcome to visit the high-end on-site cigar lounge. Here there are indoor and outdoor places to relax, surrounded by travellers from all across the world including true cigar connoisseurs. Savour your cigar with a fresh Cuban coffee, for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Travel to Oistin’s Fish Fry

The Fish Fry is a tradition in Barbados, with no better place to enjoy this experience than at Oistin’s Fish Fry. You will need to travel to Oistin’s, though this is only a 30 minute trip in a car. The Fish Fry is a party that goes long into the night, where locals and tourists get together. You will be able to browse market stalls, purchasing local goods and handicrafts, and can reserve your seat at the Oistin’s Bay Gardens to savour the freshly cooked fish.

Best enjoyed on a Friday night, the Fish Fry is an informal, relaxed environment. Calypso music drifts through the air and the soothing tones of Bob Marley can be heard. Foods on offer, either fried or grilled, include lobster, marlin, swordfish, tuna and flying fish. You are also invited to ask the vendors for fish scraps that you can use to feed the turtles on the beach.

Shop at the Limegrove Centre

Considered the best place in Barbados for luxury shopping, the Limegrove Centre is not to be missed. Here you’ll find designer jewellery, high-end clothing and other premium products. Purchase from designer names that include Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors, amongst many other top brands.

On the island’s gorgeous West Coast, this premium location is a leading destination for duty free shopping. As well as more than 50 designer stores, find world-class restaurants and a luxury 3D cinema.

Visit Holetown Methodist Church

For something different, visitors can spend some time at Holetown’s historic church. The Methodist Church is a quaint display of gothic architecture, constructed using limestone. If you are fortunate enough to visit this church during an open service, you will be welcomed and guided to a seat where you can meet some of Holetown’s locals. At other times, church employees are more than happy to show you around.

Those that spend their time at the church have in-depth knowledge of its history. This National Trust building has a schedule outside, so that you can plan the right time to visit.

The atmosphere within the church is the same that you’ll find elsewhere in Holetown. This is a place for a warm welcome, and true Barbados hospitality. Whether you are taking time out on the beach, or spending time in a cigar bar in Holetown, you will be able to speak with the locals and get to know other travellers.

A friendly smile is never far away in this exciting Caribbean town. Fine food, smoky cigars and freshly fried fish are waiting. Warm sands and crystal clear waters will surely appeal to so many, whilst the designer stores and duty-free shops are a paradise for the big spenders. Savour every moment, every cigar, every second of your time in Barbados.