Partagas Serie E No 2 Tubes


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Buy Partagas Serie E No 2 Tubes cigars in our Barbados shop, or online from the finest supplier of Partagas Serie E No 2 Tubes cigars available for sale in Holetown, Barbados. Partagas Serie E No. 2 Tubes are a cigar that has been designed by and designed for conoisseurs of the Cuban Habano. This medium to full body cigar is similar in flavour and strength to the Partagas D No. 4, however the Serie E No. 2 heightens these classic Partagas flavours. This cigar is a Robusto Extra and measures at 5.5 inches long. This is a powerful cigar that boasts an exquisite flavour profile, and certainly something that can be shared – you may want to consider buying Serie E No. 2 Tubes cigars as a gift. If looking to buy Partagas Serie E No. 2 Tubes cigars online, Platinum Coast Cigars are selling Serie E No. 2 cigars online as well as in their cigar bar and shop in Barbados.

Despite the size of this cigar, it certainly is not a burden to hold. The wrapper is indicative of the high quality product inside – smooth, brown and oily as is desirable with a Cuban cigar. The Serie E No. 2 initially expresses aromas of woody cedar and rich dark chocolate. Once lit, the cigar delivers delicious flavours of cream, wood, coffee, hazelnut, walnut, spice and dry fruit – it is packed with an array of traditional Cuban flavours, while the delicate spices and subtle sweetness does not overpower the palette. The cigar produces dense and chewy smoke, and the flavours develop noticeably and elegantly throughout the smoke. The smoke time for the Serie E No. 2 is around 40 to 60 minutes, the perfect amount of time to sit back and relax. Platinum Coast Cigars are proud to sell Serie E No. 2 Tubes cigars, allowing both connoisseurs and newcomers to smoke cigar with the richest flavours and made from the finest Cuban tobacco leaves.

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